In this article, I explain the first step towards reading phase traces, which is the summation of sine waves with a phase offset, using oscilloscope and phasor-scope.

By definition, it is impossible to be equally loud on‑axis to the top loudspeaker of a line array, compared to on‑axis to the second‑to‑last loudspeaker. In this short article I will explain why this is, and why overshoot is advised.

What does it take to achieve good cancellation?What does it take to achieve good cancellation? In order to explain this, I like to use a concept that I refer to as "The Center of Tranquility at the Eye of the Storm".

In this video tutorial, Dan Worrall explains when and why you should use higher samplerates for your recordings and mixing sessions, and more importantly... when you should NOT. Also, Dan goes in depth about oversampling vs. higher sample rates.

Proxy IntroI prefer to use tone bursts for revealing timing issues such as (time‑­)smearing at low frequencies. In this article I will elaborate why I feel that tone bursts are reasonable proxies for kick drums at lower frequencies.