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Pioneers like Bob "6o6" McCarthy and colorful figures such as Mauricio "Magu" Ramirez, have significantly contributed to my development as a sound engineer. The advantage their influence has afforded me convinced me of the importance of a proper education. Their willingness to share decades of knowledge and experience is the inspiration for my own seminars.


"Merlijn is brilliant.
SAD (Subwoofer Array Designer) is amazing.
I endorse it 100%."
Bob "6o6" McCarthy


"Merlijn's seminar is required training!"
Arno Voortman - owner
System Tech: Beyoncé, Madonna, Kylie Minogue,
Tiësto & Andrea Bocelli


“Merlijn is the Euclid
in the Pro Audio business.
Keep up the good work!”
Bodo Felusch




My seminars are intended to lift the veil on sound system design. They provide the means and physical insight to create predictable sound systems, regardless of brand and type of speaker and verify the results using the dual channel FFT analyzer (SIM 3, SMAART v7, SysTune, etc..).


"System engineering is managing interactions
with a goal"
Jamie Anderson


Sound engineers will be able to provide themselves with the same frame of reference over and over again, like a painter who begins each painting with a blank canvas and system engineers will be able to design a system that delivers the mixing position sound to the entire audience.


content of the seminars


Part I - "Calibration & Design Techniques
for Modern Sound Systems" (4 days)


  • frequency, wavelength & period
  • speed of sound
  • decibel
  • inverse square law
  • weighting curves
  • polarity
  • phase
  • phase formula
  • phase (group) delay
  • comb filters
  • summation zones
  • spectral tilt
    • angular attenuation
    • low frequency buildup
  • dual-channel FFT analyzer
    • Fast Fourier Transform
    • time domain
    • frequency domain
    • spectrum
    • transfer function
    • impulse response
    • coherence
  • coverage shapes
    • coverage angle
    • isobaric charts
    • Forward Aspect Ratio
    • Lateral Aspect Ratio
  • RTA (Real Time Analyzer)
  • psycho-acoustics
    • loudness perception
    • pitch perception
      • sequentially
      • simultaneously (interval)
    • critical bandwidth
    • source localization
    • Haas effect
    • echo perception
  • filters
    • band-pass (parametric / bell)
    • end-band (shelving)
    • low- & hig-pass
      • constant slope
        • Bessel
        • Butterworth
        • Linkwitz-Riley
  • optimizable loudspeaker configurations
    • coupled point source (symmetrical & asymmetrical)
    • uncoupled line source
    • uncoupled point source
    • uncoupled point destination
  • thermo-dynamics
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • air absorption
  • alignment
    • impulse vs. phase
    • crossovers
    • main speaker to subwoofer


Part II - "Line Arrays, Subwoofer Techniques and
Advanced Filters" (3 days)


  • line arrays
    • Harry Olson
      • straight behavior
      • curved behavior
    • wavefronts & curvature
      • spherical
      • cylindrical
    • waveguides
    • radiating surface
    • proportional Q
      • beam narrowing
      • beam spreading
    • determining no. of speakers
    • selecting splay angles
    • level & frequency shading / tapering
    • beam steering using APF
  • all-pass filters
  • Finite Impulse Response filters
  • subwoofer techniques
    • cardioid
      • end-fire
      • gradient
        • in-line
        • inverted stack
      • auto-efficiency
      • pattern implosion
    • arrays
      • curved
      • straight delayed

Click here for an overview of participants.

essentials for participants


  • computer with PDF reader and spreadsheet program (preferably Microsoft Excel)


Sound Systems: Design and Optimization 3rd edition by Bob McCarthy

preparation (optional)


  • Sound Systems: Design and Optimization 3rd edition
    by Bob McCarthy
  • Smaart User Guide


duration of the seminar


From 09:00 until 18:00.


LOMA introductie

Beste allemaal,Hierbij een korte introductie van het 4-daagse LOMA seminar van Pro AV Educatie. Dit jaar vinden er nog 2 trainingen plaats op:21 & 22 september, 5 & 12 oktober2, 3, 9 & 23 novemberKijk voor meer informatie

Posted by Merlijn van Veen on woensdag 2 september 2015