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SAD calculator

This spreadsheet is the Swiss Army knife for subwoofer configurations. It helps you design, in real-time, cardioid configurations like end-fire and gradient. Horizontal arrays such as physical arcs and straight delay‑tapered arrays.

You can use up to 12 speakers with omnidirectional, cardioid, and super-cardioid speaker patterns. Apply low- and high‑pass filters. Look at absolute and relative arrival times.

It displays frequency and phase responses for up to 7 microphones, and shows you SPL, polar, and beamwidth plots. The comprehensive info‑panel will assist you in making design decisions, and nearly everything can be normalized in order to study relative differences.

As of version 1.4 results can be exported into Meyer Sound's MAPP XT™ for increased precision.

The exhaustive 71‑page manual covers all features and contains several tutorials.

Parametric Phase Equalizer

This calculator provides a solution to achieve parametric phase equalization, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, using 2nd order all-pass filters.


This calculator allows you to approximate the position of the acoustic center for sealed and vented subwoofers based on their physical dimensions and driver diameter.

air absorption calculator

This calculator helps determine where to time‑align main speaker and subwoofer within an audience plance.