This calculator displays the period for a given frequency. The 7 bad system dwarfs will demonstrate the relation between different periods.

air absorption calculator

This calculator calculates the speed of sound based on temperature, relative humidity and altitude according to Owen Cramer's paper "The variation of the specific heat ratio and the speed of sound in air with temperature, pressure, humidity, and CO2 concentration" published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

air absorption calculator

This calculator displays two functions in accordance with ANSI S1.26-1995. Firstly, attenuation by air absorption for all frequencies for a single point in space based on distance, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. Secondly, the attenuation value from temperature versus relative humidity, for a single frequency.

equal-loudness calculator

This calculator displays equal-loudness contours in accordance with ISO 226:2003. It allows you to normalize to any contour and see relative differences.

air absorption calculator

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