Signal To Noise, Episode 38Hosted by Michael Lawrence, Kyle Chirnside & Chris Leonard

In episode 38, the hosts are joined by Merlijn van Veen, a noted audio educator, particularly on the subjects of system optimization, array theory, and subwoofers.

Currently Senior Technical Support & Educational Specialist at Meyer Sound, Merlijn talks about system engineers and how it’s not just about getting the mix right, but also about delivering the same show to everyone.

The Working Your Way Up PodcastHosted by M. Erik Matlock

In this episode we are speaking with Merlijn van Veen. He’s an audio consultant and educator currently serving as the Senior Technical Support & Education Specialist for Meyer Sound.

Merlijn’s passion for sound system technology has led him to develop his own educational materials including the Subwoofer Array Designer which has been downloaded thousands of times and featured in Live Sound International magazine.

We sat down together at Meyer Sound’s booth at AES between demo sessions to discuss his career path and philosophy, as well as the recently introduced M-Noise test signal.

Sound Design Live: Merlijn's Subwoofer Alignment Method Will Make You Feel like a Jedi MasterHosted by Nathan Lively

In this episode of Sound Design Live I talk with the Senior Technical Support & Education specialist at Meyer Sound, Merlijn van Veen. We discuss subwoofer alignment, subwoofer spacing, and M-Noise.

Sound Design Live: This is Why You are Over EQingHosted by Nathan Lively

Interview with Merlijn van Veen on how audio analyzers used in sound system tuning can easily be abused for micromanagement and over EQing and your questions on line array vs point source.

Sound Design Live: Audio Calculators for System TuningHosted by Nathan Lively

Interview with Bob McCarthy, Mauricio "Magu" Ramírez, Merlijn van Veen and Daniel Lundberg about the best audio calculators for sound system design and optimization in the categories of desert island, design work, field work, and education.