Parametric Phase Equalizer

This calculator provides a solution to achieve parametric phase equalization, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, using 2nd order all-pass filters.

air absorption calculator

This calculator helps determine where to time‑align main speaker and subwoofer within an audience plance.

Parametric Phase Equalizer

This calculator shows how different spectra translate into weighted single value SPL numbers.

This calculator is the spatial counterpart of the phase calculator. It allows you to map the spatial distribution of SPL, summation zones (relative level offset) and ripple for two sources. Various polar patterns, known from SAD, are available plus a generic speaker pattern with customizable coverage angle. Most notable is the temporal perception plot which will predict the nature of the perceived sound over space. Finally there's the stereo perception plot which shows the area where stereo perception is possible before the precedence effect, a sensory inhibition, kicks in.

This calculator demonstrates the effect of a specific reflection called the "floor bounce".