by Nathan Lively of Sound Design Live

Audio Calculators for Sound System TuningIn this episode of the Sound Design Live podcast I talk to Bob McCarthy, Mauricio Ramírez, Merlijn Van Veen and Daniel Lundberg about the best audio calculators for sound system design and optimization in the categories of desert island, design work, field work, and education.

Download the Audio Calculators Roundtable Toolbox

Click here for Mija Krieg Schreiber's calculator for creating microphone correction curves.

Show notes:

  • All music in this episode by DJ More SA.

  • Bob McCarthy is currently head of the
    System Design and Optimization department at Meyer Sound.

  • Mauricio Ramirez is currently senior seminar instructor at Meyer Sound.

  • Merlijn Van Veen is an independent seminar instructor, designer, and tech.

  • Daniel Lundberg is currently Head of Sound with the
    national tour of American in Paris.

  • TSDCA: Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

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