Howard Page

"Usually, the artist has signed off
on how much kick drum is in the recording
by that artist"
- Howard Page -


Every now and then, the giants that helped build and shape our industry, stick there neck out and plea for common sense. Howard Page's article about exorbitant subwoofer levels doesn't nearly receive enough attention even though it's more applicable than ever.

Reason for me to include it in the study hall section of my website. This is not a crusade against LF emphasis, I love it as much as the next person, but a conversation about how to achieve it.

Click here to read the article or download the original article as PDF below.

Howard Page gave a presention about this topic on September 30th 2016 during the 141st AES Convention. Click here to watch the recording.

Howard Page also speaks about this in ProSoundWeb's Signal-to-Noise Podcast epsiode #27 from February 26th 2020. Click here to listen to the podcast.