different windowsWindow size is the amount of time over which a waveform is sampled, known as time record, expressed in samples. For example, a window size of 128 samples at a sample rate of 48 kHz. Equals a time record of 128 samples x 1/48000 seconds = 0,0027 seconds or 2,7 milliseconds.

So how does this determine frequency resolution?

Bob McCarthy talks about understanding phase. Using a series of easy to understand diagrams Bob teaches how to read phase responses.

An excellent video by Monty Montgomery @ xiph.org, clearing up some very common misconceptions about digital audio.

filter modelling with Smaart v.7For those who are interested in filters, specifically crossover filters, there's a way to visualize filter behavior and interaction (both amplitude and phase) with nothing but your Apple computer and Smaart v.7.


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