vieze ruitenMerlijn van Veen

sound engineer


Sound going from source to receiver is a chain of events. Picture a series of windowpanes. A single dirty pane affects the entire view.


That's why I prefer reliable and high quality equipment that helps me guarantee the transparency.


One link in particular receives extra attention: the speaker(s). Because it is the final step between source and receiver, a poorly aligned sound system, despite all efforts, can impair the entire content.


Careful speaker placement and orientation combined with multiple, extensive measuring, provides me with a delivery system that allows you and me to hear the same thing. This manner of working also assures that input and output are the same. And coupled with my background in music, the result is a harmonious totality


"Merlijn van Veen heeft twee van de beste oren van Nederland.
Zijn sound is zowel helder als warm. En even verstaanbaar in vollere arrangementen als bij kalere songs.
Het lijkt vanzelfsprekend, maar zo vaak vind je dat niet.
Ik geniet altijd erg van zijn geluid."
(Merlijn van Veen has two of the best ears in the Netherlands. His sound is both bright and warm. And equally intelligible in rich arrangements as well as more intimate songs. This might seem obvious, but isn't experienced very often. I always enjoy his sound a lot.)
- Claudia de Breij -

"Merlijn weet mijn viool te laten klinken als in een goede concertzaal,
zonder franje maar met zijn natuurlijke glans en diepte."
(Merlijn is able to make my violin sound like when in a great concert hall, without frill except for it's natural polish and depth)
- Maria-Paula Majoor - Matangi Quartet -

"We willen jou even laten weten dat we het zaalgeluid gisteren in de Doelen
zó ontzettend goed vonden! Het heeft er denk ik zelfs in al die jaren dat we dit organiseren nog nooit zo goed geklonken."
(We would like to let you know that we feel that yesterday's concert in "de Doelen" sounded só good! I think in all those years that we're organizing this, it never sounded so well.)
- Miranda Smit - Organisatiebureau Hanson - Zondagochtendconcerten de Doelen Rotterdam -

"Opvallend was de verstaanbaarheid van de teksten en liederen. De aanwezigheid van een prof achter de knoppen maakte de kerstshow tot een waar genoegen."
(Remarkable was the intelligibility of spoken word and lyrics. The presence of a professional behind the mixing desk turned the Chirstmas show into a real pleasure.)
- Apeldoorn Direct -


system technician


As a system technician and in collaboration with the sound engineer, I will attempt to deliver the sound at the mixing position to the entire audience.


Conventional speakers, line-arrays, column speakers, cardioid subwoofer setups like: end-fired, gradient, inverted stack (CSA) and horizontal arrays; are examples of the possibilities.


I use acoustical prediction software and SMAART v7 (dual-channel FFT analyzer) for the design process. Using 4 dedicated measurement microphones, allows me to simultaneously measure the behavior of the sound system at multiple representative positions and make corrections in level, timbre and time, when necessary.


Advanced techniques like beam-steering by means of delay- and/or level-tapering can be applied, as well as all-pass filters to compensate phase differences.


I will monitor the entire sound system during the event and, together with the sound engineer, make adjustments depending on temperature, humidity and the presence of the audience.


Measuring sound pressure level concerning noise levels is also optional.


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